Newbury Park Real Estate

    • Newbury Park, named after Egbert Newbury and located in the western portion of the city of Thousand Oaks, was inhabited by the Chumash starting about 7,000 years ago and is said to have many ancient burial sites and artifacts.
    • As part of a master planned community by the Janss Investment Company, Newbury Park became part of Thousand Oaks around the 60’s and 1970’s.
    • The population has increased thru the years primarily because of many business headquarters that call Newbury Park home. Biotech firms such as; Amgen, Baxter as well as many other tech firms employ a great number of locals.
    • The mild Mediterranean climate lends itself to a predicable year round average temperature ranging in the winter lows around 45 degrees and the summer highs in the mid to high 80’s.
    • With local Boney Mountain, the Santa Monica Mountains, Wildwood Park and plenty of open space, there are many great local hiking and biking trails for venturing out. Newbury Park is home to a variety of wildlife, bordering many wilderness areas.